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July 16, 2007

MSI Tip: Writing to a MSI Log file from InstallScript Custom Action

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Much has been written about logging to the MSI log, including new requirements levied by Windows Vista – custom actions should write startup and shutdown information.

InstallShield has created a TIP topic “MSI Tip: Writing to the Log File from a Custom Action” and discussed various methods available.

I have been using the MSI log for diagnostic analysis since DevStudio v9 – granted it has a complex structure, but with practice comes an easier ability to delve in the log to solve install issues. 

But what if many times, analysis could be done with a simpler install log?  I have found that the majority of problems can easily be identified if you log critical information into an install log, which is always created when your install kicks off.  Many times when your install is running onsite, they don’t have MSI Logging activated (see previous posting) – so a valuable technical tool has been lost. 

Even more valuable to the InstallShield Specialist is the ability to review an install log and verify that each Custom Action performed as expected – even if the install was successful you could have scripting errors that miss conditions critical to success.

Sample Install Log Output

ISI–> ***************************************************************
ISI–> ** LogFile Created by ABC Skeleton Package Install
ISI–> ** LogFile Created on 6-23-2007 at 12:59:43
ISI–> ***************************************************************
ISI–> INFO: Entering ISI_Fn_AppSearch Function
ISI–> ABC AppSearch – Must find the ABC ‘ABC_Skeleton’ application
with registry key file of ‘Motorola\ABC_Skeleton’
ISI–> ABC AppSearch – Found the ABC ‘ABC_Skeleton’ application with
registry key file of ‘Motorola\ABC_Skeleton’
ISI–> INFO: Entering ISI_Fn_SkeletonPreReq Function

ISI–> INFO: Entering ISI_Fn_CheckWin2003Svr Function
ISI–> Operating System is Windows 2003 Server Service pack installed
was ‘1’ which is approved!
ISI–> PASSED – Windows 2003 Server SP1 (or greater) was found! Passed Windows 2003 Server Check!
ISI–> INFO: Exiting ISI_Fn_CheckWin2003Svr Function

ISI–> INFO: Entering ISI_Fn_Verify_WSE_Installed Function
ISI–> Microsoft WSE ‘Microsoft.Web.Services3.dll’ will be searched in
directory or sub-directories
‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft WSE\v3.0’.
ISI–> PASSED – Microsoft WSE version 3.0.5305.0 was found installed! ISI–> INFO: Exiting ISI_Fn_Verify_WSE_Installed

ISI–> INFO: Entering ISI_Fn_RegToGAC Function
ISI–> INFO: Retrieved value of InstallDir, which was
‘C:\Program Files\Motorola\CSR\’ from registry using key of
ISI–> ERROR: Bad return code: ‘2’ from GAC Registration of file: ‘”C:\Program Files\ABC\CSR\ABC.Skeleton.Ajax.dll”‘
ISI–> ERROR: Bad return code: ‘2’ from GAC Registration of file: ‘”C:\Program Files\ABC\CSR\ABC.Skeleton.WebSpider.dll”‘
ISI–> ERROR: Bad return code: ‘2’ from GAC Registration of file: ‘”C:\Program Files\ABC\CSR\ABC.Skeleton.WSE.dll”‘
ISI–> INFO: Exiting ISI_Fn_RegToGAC Function

For Extra Credit! 

When you create the log entry for the Install Log, you can also trigger an entry into the MSI Log using the ‘SprintfMsiLog’ command.  That way the log comments are found in both locations!

Hope this helps!


p.s. if anyone wants some sample script that accomplishes this, please send an email to and I will markup some script for you use!


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