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January 7, 2009

What a ride!

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Yes it has been quite a while since I last posted on the Blog – amazing to think that it was over a year ago. 

I started a new consulting opportunity in Roswell, GA.  They were in need of a InstallShield specialist to handle some problems with a IS v6.3 Object installation.  I took on the challenge and spent the next six months literally up to my ears in the installation – resolving problems they had with it.  I was able to slow down in early March – since I had pretty much had to give up golf when I took this job. 

Then my son’s wife delivered twins prematurely – almost two months! Now I never realized the focus on these two little babies (he was 4.5 lbs, she was 3.5 lbs) – feeding every 3 hours around the clock!  My wife and I took to spending the nights there separately and taking the overnight feedings as well as helping over the weekends.  We were pretty much exhausted as well.  Did not seem to let up for 5 months! 

Then the consulting opportunity ended when I was offered a full time position – which I was very honored to take.  I immediately was “drowned” in opportunity when I took on the challenge to rebuild the original installation using a newer Installshield – but convert to a Basic MSI project with InstallShield Custom Actions.  Over 35,000 lines of scripting and 27 InstallShield Objects to review and rebuild.  Again I became heads down with little time for anything else (no golf, no blogging, no life…).  Just work and babysitting babies (still a lot of fun – I can challenge anyone to a diapering contest!)

Now I still haven’t played a round of golf since October 2007, but I have a beautiful 25 month old granddaughter and her 8 month old baby sister and brother. So it has been a good trade-off. 

I will be including some pictures of them periodically.  When I started this blog, I wanted to keep it professional – just discuss InstallShield topics.  I will venture out of the area occasionally as time and opportunity permits.  Life has taken different directions!



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