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October 6, 2017

InstallShield 2016 SP2 Issue with IIS WebSite Names

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During testing, I encountered a problem building a new Basic MSI under IS2016 SP2 – it issues “Error with IISRT: -1217” within ISIISCosting standard action – essentially aborting just after the user dialogs were displayed.  This happens when I was adding the third Application Pool. 


My approach was to create the AppPools with the name of the Application AppPool – for example “CoreworxAppPool” was the entry on the IIS, with the Property created with the same name and value. This was exactly like the InstallScript MSI project we were migrating from to resolve upgrade issues.







Since our production product contains 45K files, I created a simple project that illustrates the problem.


A simple Basic MSI project I created that just installs 3 IIS Application Pools. 2 IIS Websites and 5 IIS Web applications under the default website.  


Here is what I expected to have created:


Attachments – the Support Ticket contains the following projects with the IIS WebSites and AppPool entries duplicated:

  1. IIS2016 SP2 IIS Project
    1. CoreworxTest built with IS 2016 SP2, fails with error in ISIISCosting action.
    2. MSI Log showing failure is in the sub-directory
  2. IS2015 IIS Project
    1. CoreworxTest built with IS 2015 version, installs the Webites as normal.
    2. MSI Log showing success is in the sub-directory
  3. InstallShield 2015 Projects – Upgraded to 2016
    1. I took the successful CoreworxTest project built with IS 2015, upgraded to IS 2016 SP2 and was able to successfully install the Websites as normal.
    2. MSI Log showing success is in the sub-directory




InstallShield Support Response

Your case # 01301692: Ticket Request – InstallShield 2016 SP2 – IIS Settings and installation has been updated with the following comment: 
I have been looking into this issue, and it seems to center around the App Pool names used. I haven’t spotted why the properties you used for the App Pool names are causing issues, but when I create a new property called [TESTNAME] and set it to the same value you had for the App Pool names (ex. CoreworxWebAPIAppPool), the installation completed successfully. Can you see if renaming the property names you are using or creating new properties resolves the issue for you?

My resolution
– I would not have believed it!  I did rename the AppPool Properties as shown, and the IS 2016 demo worked.



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